The Purpose Of Scholar Patrol

Dangerous traffic congestion occurs around schools with so many parents dropping their children off in the morning and picking them up after school. Traffic Authorities, school teachers and principals recognize that this congestion creates the most dangerous location on a child’s journey to and from school which is almost 200 times each year..

 Scholar Patrol performs a very important and responsible public service by controlling traffic and by safeguarding scholar pedestrians Student patrollers guide fellow students and prevent them from entering traffic when it is unsafe to do so.

They also there to set a good example and encourage all students to observe the rules of road safety. They have to report for duty on time and with the proper equipment & uniform. They have to provide assistance to other Patrol members when necessary and know & enforce all safety walking and crossing rules.


Benefits of Scholar Patrol

 The Scholar Patrol program benefits the school, the community and the student safety patrollers.

 The program provides quality training and recognition for student safety patroller’s efforts.

 Apart from providing safer access to schools at nearby crossings, this program inspires patrollers to develop positive relationships with peers and authority figures and they develop leadership skills, teamwork, maturity and a sense of responsibility.

 Scholar Patrol helps foster closer ties with the community and increases the school’s visibility.

 Student patrollers are visible ambassadors for their school and assist both parents and children at school crossings.